Covid-19 Tier 3 Update for Grassroots Football

By Russell Hardy

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The Chairman and Secretary of the BSL have received the e mail below from Cheshire FA late this afternoon.

Dear All,
Today an update has been provided by Liverpool City Council.
The information that has been released will affect a number of Cheshire Affiliated Clubs, please read the information by clicking the link below:

Thank you for your patience, and for your continuing hard work during this difficult time.

Cheshire FA
Hartford House
Hartford Moss Recreation Centre
Northwich CW8 4BG

If you open the link and read the information provided it is possible some of our fixtures scheduled for this weekend may be in breach of the latest guidelines.

Although it is not totally clear and in some cases debatable some of our clubs fall into the Tier 2 category by way of home pitch venue or the predominant residence of players.

In light of this and until we receive a firm directive from the FA (the e mail uses the words “strongly advised”) we have decided to err on the side of caution and postpone fixtures this weekend involving Tier 2 (T2) clubs.

Where possible we will endeavour to re-arrange alternative fixtures for all clubs affected (eg T2 v T2 and T3 v T3) but a lot depends on pitch availability and other factors.

Where next?

Litter - Plymyards / Levers #litter #pickitup #takeitwithyou

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